Round 2 – Fight!

So it seems the five from last week have been cut to four before the second round even started, thanks to one guy missing the deadline for submissions. Let the battle begin!

Adrian Ferrer (me) – The Spark
Jeremy Froggatt – Alterations: Your Toolbox
Colin Dixon – Very Poor Magic: Episode 2
Zach Carter – Deep Analysis: Episode 2

If you have a Star City Games account, please vote for me. A vote for me is a vote for Cobra.

I will admit that the Alterations article probably deserves more votes than me this week – I guess having to fit the topic that was requested, and with such a tight deadline, threw me off my game. I intended the first strip to have a different mood so the rest would catch people off guard, but I think it ended up detracting from the rest, even if it provided background. But in the end, I have to learn to find humor in any situation on short notice if I want to be successful as a comedian. If I don’t make it past this round, it will be because I don’t have the skills I need yet.

I’ll try my best to free up as much time as possible for brainstorming so I have a better idea for the next round.

Here is the comic, if you don’t want to go to SCG.

12 Responses to “Round 2 – Fight!”

  1. Kenny Wong says:

    Awesome as always, but who’s Trogdor?

  2. Sixten says:

    A famous dragon from Homestar Runner.

    The association with Chandra goes as far back as the second LCIE.

  3. Flak says:

    Teehee, Trogdor. I like your rendition of him a lot.

  4. KimikoMuffin says:

    Ahahaha. Yeah, that is just basically completely awesome in every way.

    Totally a dragon, you say?

  5. falkonus says:

    love the third page. blue planeswalkers are losers lol.

  6. Ben says:

    nice 1, chandra FTW 😀

  7. randommaster says:

    Totally awesome, Nobody cares about the other contestants. They’re all weaker than you.

  8. jbrennan says:


  9. Anon says:

    At first, I was all like, wasn’t Chandra a pyromage before she discovered she could walk?

    And then I realized, that she probably didn’t have the metal bits set-up when she was a kid, and stuff.

    Um… yeah, it’s part of my continuing fight to remember that that characters don’t have linear continuity like people.

    I like the last comic’s punchline :P.

    Also, two arms trogdor :P. …. two BEEFY ARMS that is :p.

  10. GoldenSunfreak says:

    Nice. When I saw the shadow, I thought, “Nicol Bolas?”, but Trogdor is way better.


    Doesn’t Trodgor only have one beefy arm?

    “Trogdor was a man…but, he was a dragon man…….but he was still a dragon…..uh….but he was still TROGDOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  11. MH says:



    Love the little insight on knowledge there. You’re still up against some pretty tough competition. You’re in the top 2 now, so GO GO GO.

    It’s sad how many people are not going to get it. LURK MOAR.

  12. Mokuzai says:

    Ha Ha! Blue planeswalkers are loosers! Ha! It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

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