Hax Sign “Auto Win”

On the surface, this is just a brute-force “bomb everything to keep from getting hit” no-damage clear of Perfect Cherry Blossom Stage 4 Normal in Practice Mode. But there seems to be a bug, and it’s not the famous Merlin Pointer Exception.

At 5:53-6:00, Reimu uses some sort of hax to end “String Performance: Guarneri del Gesu” in the blink of an eye. While String Performance is not that hard of a card (it’s easier than Lunasa’s first nonspell) sometimes it just becomes trivial.

Oh whatever, I’ll take my huge and undeserved spellcard bonus and run with it. If Marisa can do it in Mountain of Faith, why not Reimu?

2 Responses to “Hax Sign “Auto Win””

  1. Samukun says:

    The Sisters are not very hard. Youmu on the other hand…..

  2. randommaster says:

    That’s not hax, Reimu’s just actually putting forth effort.

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