To Evan Erwin,

I regret to announce that I am dropping out of the talent search.

An overload of tasks at my job combined with a full weekend’s worth of homework at school have made me unable to meet next week’s deadline. I also realize that this is bound to happen again while I am working and studying at the same time, and therefore I would be at high risk of missing deadlines even if I did manage to win my category.

And come to think of it, the other judges didn’t think so highly of my writing so far, which means I would probably have lost anyway. [sour grapes]

To the fans of “Lotus Cobra is Evil”, it will continue in December after my final exam.

Sorry for all the trouble, and give my blessing to the remaining contestants.

Adrian Ferrer (Sixten)
Seattle, WA

5 Responses to “Scoop”

  1. KimikoMuffin says:

    Dang, sorry to hear it’s not working out. If it was really interfering with stuff, though, it’s probably for the best, though …

  2. Hierophant says:

    While I’m sorry to see you leave, you’ve got to get your priorities right, so I think you have the right idea. I know criticism is hard to take, but at the end of the day the opinions of the judges are just those of a few people. As one of your fans I wish you luck in the finals, and eagerly await the December update 🙂

  3. Samukun says:


  4. petterud says:

    ;( all that is left is sadness. But I guess exams are importaint/importiant/important (not a english speaker). dang it! need to start working NOW! math tests tomorrow btw. duh duh duh. starcraft 2. awkward anime. “Rabbit doubt” worst plot ever?

    You are welcome to read this bunch of babble from my mind. ^^
    Yes, I am wierd.

  5. Skribulous says:


    Well, in a way I know how it’s like, since I’m in a similar predicament at the moment.

    Good luck on your exams, and may good fortune guide you.

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