Comment #999 Award (15 hours) – COMPLETE

I actually finished under budget! Here it is!

Larger image here.

Congratulations to Falkonus for winning the Comment #999 Award!

Thank you for playing.

5 Responses to “Comment #999 Award (15 hours) – COMPLETE”

  1. Flak says:

    Damn that’s nice! I love the lighting on the street :3

  2. KimikoMuffin says:

    Yeah! That is very awesome and shiny.

  3. falkonus says:

    awesome work as always.

  4. Ooo, very nice, and congrats to the 999th commenter! What program do you use for coloring? :>

  5. Sixten says:

    Program-wise, Photoshop CS2.

    Brush-wise, a circular hard-edge brush at either 50% or 100% opacity, depending on the situation.

    Tool-wise, WACOM PTZ-930 tablet. I often use guides, Shift-dot or Shift-draw to draw straight lines.

    The file had 19 layers.

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