It’s not embarrassing if it’s true

Three things:

1. If you are “Razor Ramon”, the person who registered the deck named “Hard Gay” at the 2010 Washington State and Provincial Championships and got called out by the head judge, I tip my hat to your guts, as it could only have been a deliberate troll.

2. I went 5-3 at that tournament playing a Mono-Green Eldrazi Ramp deck, but I did not name it “Primeval Titan is my wife”.

3. Muffin, did you do this?

11 Responses to “It’s not embarrassing if it’s true”

  1. KimikoMuffin says:

    Nah, my last edit to that page was removing some unrelated-theory natter about Masha’s origins. :3

  2. Frein says:

    That guy was just too awesome for the judges.

  3. Author says:

    Nice. Maybe Razor was just a fan of Hard Gay (who, BTW, was revealed as completely straight after suddenly marrying a pretty young woman of wholesome proportions). Great hand in the end.

  4. MTGColorPie says:

    Yeah, I was curious about why I’d be getting all those hits from Until I found out. Well, at least there’s Magic players out there.

  5. Kenny Wong says:

    It’s .org. 😛

  6. David Lyford-Smith says:

    As a L3 judge…

    Please draw your style judges more. I want a new avatar :p

  7. Well, it’s certainly not the worst deck name ever… But as a judge, you come across some really, really fucking funny names.
    I’m quite partial to “Manly Explosion.”

  8. Paullee says:

    That was me… I’m not even joking. I had my friend register his decklist as Razor Ramon Sumitani: Hadou Gei at states last year and we “forgot” to put his DCI number on it… hehehe.

    Oh and BTW he was playing GW Eldrazi ramp and ended up 9th on the breakers.

  9. Sixten says:

    @Paullee: I believe you. The odd spelling caused the Judge to mispronounce the name. Was your friend the one who beat Cedric Phillips in the final round of the Swiss?

  10. Paullee says:

    Yeah actually Cedric scooped to my friend since his breakers were a million times better but stupid Travis Woo drawing in caused him to lose out and get 9th… so lame.

    We spelled it Hadou Gei on the sheet but he friggin read it “Hay-doe Gay” I was a bit sad about that but all in all it was pretty epic.

  11. Dio says:

    Hey Sixten are you going to Sakura Con?

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