Heartbeat of spring

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  1. Kenny says:

    I’m not entirely sure what’s going on.

  2. Taltos says:

    Singles awareness day is coming up, that’s what.

    Alternatively, waifu appreciation day may also be applicable.

  3. Kaoru says:


    I fail for not recognising all the reoccurring characters…

    Venser & Chandra?
    Nissa & Sorin?
    Primeval Titan and…?
    Sword of Vengeance and…?
    Awww poor Jace 🙁

  4. flensermite says:

    jace forever alone.

  5. Sixten says:

    1. Gideon and Chandra. I was under the impression that he was the one primarily shipped with Chandra.

    2. Nissa and Sorin.

    3. Aleksi (that is, Aleksi Briclot, the artist who married Primeval Titan, also sort of an ‘I want to do a self insert but not really’ character) and Primeval Titan (guest starring a dead Tunnel Ignus)

    4. That’s what Jace gets for being a jerk even to his own fans.

  6. veloxiraptor says:

    Don’t do it Chandra! He’s not even in an allied color!

  7. falkonus says:

    this is why Jace needs to get out more.

  8. airotciv says:

    Jace was with Liliana at one point, but it didn’t really work out~

    Serve him right…

  9. KimikoMuffin says:

    I ‘unno, Jace seems perfectly happy to me! 😉

    Yes, I’m single, why do you ask? I’m planning to merrily celebrate my sister’s birthday on the 14th, and Cheap Chocolates Week starting the 16th. 😉

  10. randommaster says:

    Yeah, Kimikomuffin’s got the idea, Cheap Chocolate Week won’t be around again until Easter.

    So we get all the Zendikar ‘walkers (and Primeval Titan) shipped. Now all we need is to see Chandra unleash her annihilation of love.

  11. MacGuffin says:

    what? no Phyrexians giving flowers to an uncertain Karn?

    are there a lot of ‘shipped’ couples in MTG?

  12. Sixten says:

    @Muffin: I’m single too (and probably much older than you). I just wanted to show Jace taken down a notch. Most regular days all of Magic the Gathering revolves around him, but on rare occasions he has to feel some regret over being the biggest dick in the universe.

    @MacGuffin: Oh no no, I have something far more awesome in mind for the Phyrexian praetors. You’ll see.

  13. Emerald Eyes says:

    OMG!! This comic is super awesome!! But seeing Jace so all alone makes me feel sorry for him. No matter how bad a person may be, he sure deserves a friend!! I know he earned it by himself but still… Oh and by the way Chandra and Gideon are the cutest couple of the MULTIVERSE!!!!

  14. Boshea says:

    @Emerald-Tezzeret and Jace were going to hang out, but Bolas made Tezzeret work late at the last minute.

  15. Skribulous says:


    Venser’s not into girls, though. He’s been seen eying Koth at one point…


    He is now~


    I read somewhere that Liliana jumped ship to the Sorin boat. I’m rather surprised the inevitable catfight between here and Nessa hasn’t happened yet, since they were both in Lorwyn at one point.


    Unfortunately, Jace doesn’t feel regret. All he’s in for is the power. I’m sure he could’ve hooked up with Venser otherwise, since he is open-minded enough…

  16. Fifthman says:

    Jace broke up with Gideon when the Titans came in M11. I think their love of Squadron Hawks is bringing them back together.

  17. GoldenSunfreak says:

    Looks like Jace still lives with his mother, or something like that…

  18. Kitsune says:

    lol great piece XD Everything was pretty spot on, love the comment about Jace being the biggest dick in the multiverse XD Though I have to say, Chandra comes across as more of a tsundere type and shouldn’t look so pleased imo :3

  19. Emerald Eyes says:


    I guess you are right about Chandra being a tsundere, but a tsundere only acts tough in public. When she is alone with her beloved one we get to see the cute and innocent girl that she is on the inside. Just my opinion 😉

  20. Mokuzai says:

    Man, Jace and Lilliana got it on in Masters of Artifice. Everyone knows Jace’s dick fell off because of it. That’s why Jace is such a prick. It’s his only way to cope.

  21. Jakob Dam says:

    LOL – soooo funny! Could recognize ’em all at first glance! Good humor, Sixten! 😀 //thumbs-up//

  22. annymouse says:

    I thought Jace and Liliana still liked each other but were that kind of love/rival relationship

  23. justin kunst says:


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