This video is dedicated to Sam, who thinks Youmu is more awesome than Cirno.

It is often said that Youmu is “soft”. How does she stack up compared to other Stage 5 bosses on Normal? The metric I use is “Number of tries before no-damage clears”. Bombing is allowed, I’m not hardcore like some people.

Orin (Subterranean Animism): 800
Reisen (Imperishable Night): 250
Youmu (Perfect Cherry Blossom): 200
Sanae (Mountain of Faith): 50

Note that I suck at Toho (or any other games where reflexes are required), and normal people would probably take fewer tries before they can consistently clear Stage 5s without getting hit.

Also note that Reisen was my first Stage 5 boss, so my general skill level wasn’t what it’s at today.

Supposedly the Stage 5 boss is where “weird stuff happens”. Sakuya stops time, Reisen’s bullets phase in and out, Orin summons minions, Shou’s lasers curve, and so on. Sanae’s gimmick seems to be “Expect something really hard but nothing happens”. That, or the “Parting of the Waters” spellcard. Here we go into slow motion as Youmu’s bullets approach. The slowdown allows you to survive “death in the blink of an eye” situations, and has been used in videogames of all kinds (see the infected samurai boss in Okami or the Soldier’s adrenaline rush in Mass Effect 2.)

3 Responses to “Myon”

  1. Samukun says:

    Good job! Youmu is a tough cookie to crack. I’m pretty sure she’s actually a lot stronger than Reisen.

  2. Frein says:

    Good job! I probably agree that Youmu is more awesome than Cirno, though both are too loli and cannot compete with tomboy extraordinaire Marisa or maid with breast issues Sakuya.

  3. Regor says:

    Good job! Since Youmu is my favorite, I have to agree that she is more awesome then Cirno. She is too loli in some pictures and sometimes she is a short girl with a figure that would give Sakuya the right to have breast issues.

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