The last hope

After seeing the first two Phyrexian praetors in action (pun intended), you may be wondering, who do the Mirrans have that could possibly be a match for them?

Yes. She has a chance.

Next: A look at the Red praetor, Urabrask the Hidden.

12 Responses to “The last hope”

  1. anonymous says:

    Will she ask the Phyrexians for donations too?

  2. GoldenSunfreak says:

    My guess is that during training all she did was lie around and eat rice crackers. Also, were those smart bombs?

  3. ToastCrust says:

    The true saviors of the day will be birds armed with swords.

    Squadron Fairies, gogooggogo

  4. Kenny says:

    I did not see that coming.

  5. Ergoemos says:

    Many a war has been lost by those who do not understand how a battle is won. If anyone knows these secrets, it would be Thrun. When facing Melira, the Phrerexians will be more than a little nervous. No one can beat Spere of the Suns and fanservice.

  6. Anon says:

    last panel

    Yup, Thrun’s a troll.

    This particular comic really sells to me the entire Mirrodin characters as touhous and Mirrodin characters as normal but drawn by sixten.

    Also, ratchet bomb :P.

  7. randommaster says:

    Well, I guessed that Reimu would be Melira, but for the wrong reasons, so it looks like I got lucky.

    Also, why couldn’t Parsee be Thrun? Why!?

  8. MH says:

    Reimu? Really? A throwaway character gets the supreme Miko?

  9. Frein says:

    This is completely impossible to understand for those unfamiliar with Touhou, but me? I love it!

  10. Anime says:

    Whoa…i totally didn’t see that one coming….lol

  11. Different anon says:

    Now that Melira pod has become a thing in Modern, would you care to revisit her?

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