Singing with Charisma (4 hours)

The mind-killing schedule at work has loosened up somewhat, but unfortunately school is here again. But if I put in a couple hours every weekend, I’ll finish these eventually. Worst case, I’ll finish them in summer when I don’t have school.

I’ve been getting error messages on my computer saying “Please reinstall the tablet software”. I click OK and move on, but when I go to Photoshop the pressure sensitivity on the tablet is gone – the lines always have the same weight no matter how hard or soft I press. I went to the WACOM site and downloaded the driver for my PTZ-930 tablet. Installing it fixed the problems – until I restarted the computer. The “Please reinstall the tablet software” returned. It didn’t seem to remember that I had installed it, and to make things worse, Photoshop started asking me to register and accept the license agreement, which is something I did a long time ago. Going online showed that I was indeed registered, but it didn’t know for some reason.

I know I could just reinstall the driver every time I plan to use Photoshop, but I felt it wasn’t worth the effort. The below image was drawn without pressure. All weight variations are obtained by drawing repeatedly over the same area to widen the line.

Larger image

3 Responses to “Singing with Charisma (4 hours)”

  1. Samukun says:

    I think your line art might actually look better this way…

  2. Dead End says:

    I’ve always liked your work here. But something about this picture so far looks exceptional, I just can’t put my finger on what it is.

  3. Illusice says:

    FYI, if you go to Start: Programs: Accessories: System Tools: System Restore (on WinXP, might be slightly different location on Vista and Win7), you can restore your system settings to a previous date. It’s what I do when nothing else works (e.g. uninstalling any newly installing programs, scanning for malware if applicable, etc.).

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