Fairy Wars Stage 1-2 Normal

I’ve had to work late two days this week, and I have enough homework to last the entire weekend and cause me to skip Regionals, but this should be a sign that my free time is returning, and with it, my posts. Since there’s no practice mode on Fairy Wars, I just treat the whole game as a single stage…

Some things I learned while playing:

1) Your ice power charges faster when you are hitting enemies with your normal shot. Staying on target is hard for Cirno because of her narrow shot, but make an effort because it will help you to survive.

2) When a frozen pattern disappears from the screen, it bursts, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Take advantage of this by freezing bullets near a boss, or by freezing bullets where you know enemies are going to spawn. Enemies killed by bursting ice drop a different kind of point item, which I think is worth more than what you get killing them normally.

3) Daiyousei’s third pattern has the same weakness as Cirno’s famous Icicle Fall – stay right in front of her face and you’ll be perfectly safe, but she’ll go down in seconds. She should have known better to use Cirno’s own attack against her… but then again, she should have known better than to get in Cirno’s way.

4) Cirno has a deathbomb window. It’s nothing like what Reimu has but it’s there. There’s a time during Star’s Puchi Comet when I always have to bomb. In this video I pressed the wrong key at first and got hit, but I managed to deathbomb and avoid the loss of life.

5) The Three Fairies don’t seem very smart. They want Cirno to join them in playing tricks on humans, so they burn down her house. Did none of them realize this was more likely to make Cirno want to beat the crap out of them? If fairies have this kind of intelligence, no wonder Cirno thinks she’s a genius.

I’m working on the Singing with Charisma picture and a new Lotus Cobra. Look forward to them soon.

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  1. pectus_umbra says:

    Oh, I hope that lotus cobra is about new phyrexia. Have you seen the spoilers? It’s…it’s beautiful.

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