School’s out for the summer!

Historically, when the end of the quarter approaches and I stop blogging for a while because of the overwhelming homework, I hold some kind of trivia contest to see who gets a gift illustration during the break. But there wasn’t any last quarter because I still owe someone a picture from the quarter before.

Summer plans include:

Creating the gift illustration for Christopher (deadline: June 18)
Continuing Fairy Ring (first new installment: June 25)
Replacing the Cirno/Daiyousei banner (sometime in July)

And, of course, more Lotus Cobra whenever I feel like it.

It’s good to be on break!

11 comments on “Balance

  1. Batterskull! I condemn you for making Magic unfunny! You, you… colorless Baneslayer Angel in disguise!

  2. Man, you are one of the funniest comickers that I know!!! XD
    Poor little Sorin…
    I hope you make a “Lotus Cobra” based on the video “Gather Your Allies for Magic 2012”! XD

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