Girls are listening (4 hours)

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These are supposed to be Yukari and Suika (or if you prefer, Sheoldred and Primeval Titan) with headphones. Without their headgear they are somewhat difficult to identify, but maybe the coloring will help things.

And I just realized while writing this, the next Toho post is the 99th Toho post, and therefore has to be the next four pages of Fairy Ring. I’ll get back on this illustration after that, I promise.

So if there are 100 Toho posts, and each of them represents 2.5 hours of work on average to create, and for every hour I spend creating a Toho post I also spend one hour consuming Toho fanart and games (a conservative estimate), that means I have spent 500 hours on Toho since I joined the dark side in July 2009.


I could be counting wrong, but that looks like 40 minutes every day for two years, while going to school and holding a full-time job. With the decline of my anime watching and blogging, 40 minutes a day isn’t too hard to come by. Compared to the time spent by people who play MMO games, it isn’t that much.

Putting Toho references in school projects, 1CCing three Toho games on normal, Toho cameos in Lotus Cobra is Evil, binge-reading Souin’s Youmu x Reisen fanbooks, whole days lost in Pixiv the way people get lost in Wikipedia, 15- to 20-hour color illustrations, going through the Walfas and Muffinland archives, 24 pages of my own Cirno x Suwako fanbook… it adds up.

It’s like a part of my life now.

6 Responses to “Girls are listening (4 hours)”

  1. Urakagi says:

    I am wondering if you are playing Toho card games?
    I spends like twenty hours per week on Rumbling Spell Orchestra, which has an online play.

  2. Anewkeitaro says:

    What’s Toho?

  3. Serafis says:

    Eh? That really isn’t that much time, though I must admit it’s a lot more time that you’ve spent on touhou than I did, if only because other gaming stuff takes more time out of me. lol

  4. GoldenSunfreak says:


    I didn’t even know what Touhou was until I read Sixten’s blog, and now I’m pretty much addicted to it. All I can say is, if you’re ready to embrace the dark side and give up most of your life playing the games or looking at the billions of other Touhou-related work out there, then Touhou is for you. Otherwise, I’d be careful. Touhou is like crack. Once you pop, you can’t stop.

  5. Sixten says:

    @Urakagi: No, I don’t play Toho card games. If any of them are as big a time sink as Magic the Gathering, I’m not sure I want to try.

    @Anewkeitaro: Toho (more commonly spelled “Touhou”) is a Japanese “bullet curtain” Windows game series, known for its mostly all-female cast, addictive gameplay, and obsessive fan base. It is said that thanks to the fans, there is Toho of everything.

    @Serafis: 500 hours is a conservative estimate, and even 500 in two years means it’s something you do almost everyday. But you’re right, compared to stuff like my day job, it’s nothing.

  6. Mushyrulez says:

    And my PE classes require me to be active for 40 minutes a day for THREE years…


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