Fairy Ring is delayed

I know I was supposed to have Fairy Ring pages 21-24 today, but I’ve playing too much Magic. I managed to put 12 hours in on Fairy Ring, but that only finished 2 of the 4 pages.

This does put me on pace to have the new Fairy Ring by the end of next Saturday (the 25th).

Sorry for the delay.

4 Responses to “Fairy Ring is delayed”

  1. falkonus says:

    no worries. Mtg is a legitimate excuse.

  2. Serafis says:

    lol good times. XD

  3. Sixten says:

    Geh! 8:30 PM on the 25th and I’m still 4 hours short. I’ll have to finish this tomorrow.

  4. Randomposter says:

    “I know I should have done X but I played too much Magic” is also my excuse all the time. 😛

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