Fairy Ring (Take 3) – Pages 16-19

Two things:

1. The story will wrap up on Sunday, September 11. With a 36-page story, this means 4 pages every week, posted on Sunday at 9 PM Pacific Time. I will accomplish this at any cost other than losing sleep (because I don’t want to get sick and burden everyone in the office with extra work.) This week, I have had to work on Saturday, and so I have neglected to put backgrounds on two of the pages. If I have to let the quality of the art slip, I will do so, but I will have my 4 pages every week.

2. The conceit that a god’s power can influence the thoughts of people will continue. I know Muffin (and probably others) do not like this because they think it is like mind control. However, this seems to be part of what religion is. (I am not currently a member of any church, but up until 2007 I have been.) When the Church Council of Greater Seattle organized a peace rally back when the US Senate was voting on whether to invade Iraq, the rally participants, myself included, prayed for Senator Cantwell to vote against the war. In addition to making our voices heard by joining other organizations marching in the streets, we hoped to invoke the extra persuasiveness of whatever gods we worshipped.

Moses called down plagues upon Egypt to persuade the Pharaoh to let his people go. Mormon Missionaries say that it is not they who persuade people to join their religion, but rather the Holy Ghost that settles upon people who hear their words. When a person prays for a friend to have the force of will to overcome an addiction, or when people in the Philippines and Latin America become kinder and more generous in December, religious people believe there is a persuasive force from the heavens at work. This force does not enslave people’s thoughts or compel them against their will, but supposedly inspires them in the right direction. People are still free to reject this persuasion; Cantwell still voted for the war and the Pharaoh chased down the Israelites after he supposedly let them go.

It’s persuasion, not mind control, although to some people, there is no real difference. The more cynical among us might say that all religion is about mind control.

Don’t worry, nothing quite that serious happens in Fairy Ring.

4 Responses to “Fairy Ring (Take 3) – Pages 16-19”

  1. Sixten says:

    I’m worrying too much about this. Miracle Hinacle has gods using their power to influence people’s actions and it’s okay because it’s cute.

  2. KimikoMuffin says:

    Eh, you’re probably right.

    Definitely cute, though. I shouldn’t take it so seriously. And then, y’know, there’s the tagline in the header of your site! 😉

  3. Mushyrulez says:

    …When I see hats with googly eyes, I don’t immediately think of a frog goddess (well, now I do, but before MoF I didn’t).

    I wouldn’t say that they exactly ‘created’ the miracle, but rather that maybe they ‘influenced’ the ‘mood’ or something. Persuasion vs. Mind Control, I guess.

    Though yeah, you’re taking this too seriously.


  4. Skribulous says:

    Turning the chessboard around, Inspiration and the very act of Creativity is then just another form of mind control. Or maybe it’s just all you, and religion is but a crutch to explain away the miracle.

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