Fairy Ring (Take 3) – Pages 24-28

The end is only 8 pages away after this!

It’s on now!

5 comments on “Fairy Ring (Take 3) – Pages 24-28

  1. Indeed, and where did she obtain that frog? Probably carried one with her into the meeting just for the demonstration. That’s what’s messed up with her.

  2. She’s still mentally a child, after all. Children do things like that :/

    Nice to see you followed up with all of that miracle persuasion/mind control, etc. – Suwako’s little explanation really sealed it as a non-issue now.

    And uh, that frog is the cutest thing I have ever seen you draw. A sad face is the moe-est face 🙁

  3. The poor frog might have been Sixten himself.

    I think Cirno’s in for a butt pounding. Suwako’s power level is over (9) thousand!!!!

  4. I just did some reading up, and it looks to me like Suwako is way stronger than Cirno is. True?

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