Shrine of Frog and Snake (32 hours) – Complete

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Jesus159159159 says:
September 25, 2011 at 2:05 pm

Btw, I think The Notorious WALFAS deserves proper credit on your credits page. If memory serves me correctly, he started the whole “No way, that’s impossible!” gag many eons ago. I’m pretty sure he won’t mind… BUT WE MUST ALWAYS SHOW PROPER RESPECT!!! YOU MUST SUPPLY WALFAS WITH A FREE COPY (just kidding!!)

I haven’t been paying much attention to KirbyM since he stopped most of his content creation, but I do agree that he should have some credit. He was one of my favorite creators in my early days of Toho fandom. Unfortunately, the credits page has already been finalized. I’ll send him a free copy of the book when it comes out.

Jesus159159159 says:
September 25, 2011 at 2:05 pm

Actually I have one more question. This Doujin Press thing… how much money do/will you make if you don’t mind me asking?

I get $0.80 per book sold, and I don’t pay anything to cover the cost of printing. So go and order your copy already.

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    Hmm, that’s not bad considering you didn’t pay anything. That is, a profit is still a profit! I’ll order when I get my refund check. Til then, no $0.80 for you! =P

  2. Walfas says:

    (Was directed here by J159)

    Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting that, thanks! I still do a little bit of content creation but I guess I just don’t post about it on the main site anymore. I could send you some folders I designed, and a copy of New Hori-ZUN 1 (I still have a lot of them just sitting in a box) since it’d feel weird just getting a thing for free like that.

    I’ll be looking forward to reading this! I mean, I guess I could just read it on here beforehand, but it will probably be cooler reading the first time it as an actual book.

  3. GoldenSunfreak says:

    In regards to your last post, I’m guessing Reisen Udongein and Ibara Kasen for Guns and Roses, cause they would literally be Guns and Roses. Also, I think that you should make a Touhou double-faced card in honor of Innistrad. And since you mentioned Rumia last post, I think she’d make a great card.

    She would enter the battlefield with an amulet counter that could only be removed through some extraordinary measure, but when you do, she transforms into EX Rumia (who probably won’t look like EX Keine).

    Although Keine/EX Keine would make a great “werewolf” card too

  4. Skribulous says:

    On a tangent… are you aware that your stuff’s now posted in Danbooru in its entirety?

  5. Sixten says:

    @Skribulous:I’ve known this for a few days now. Ever since someone commented that they would share Fairy Ring with the Danbooru community, I was wondering when they would actually do it. I’m glad it’s on Danbooru; it gives me hope that someday I will be like Souin Kuhou or the other artists who get their doujins posted there.

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