Mighty Morphin’ Skin Shifter

The only Power Rangers series I actually watched was Power Rangers Wild Force, back in 2002.

It is, however, the most relevant series for this card.

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  1. wlkeR says:

    So much Lotus Cobra in so little time! My happiness knows no bounds! Much like casting Mind Control on Primordial Hydra. Good times with the M12.

  2. OHMYGOD! I love you, Lotus Cobra! You are the best for making Magic so much fun! XDDDDDDD

  3. Thaina says:

    This card is EPIC!

  4. pectus_umbra says:

    yay for more lotus cobra! Really looking forward to when you get to Innistrad :D.

  5. Foamy says:

    But I thought his ability could only be activated once per turn? ;D

  6. Skribulous says:

    Yes! More Lotus Cobra is Evil!

    …To make it more relevant, should it be “Jace is a Dick” now? XD

  7. Jon says:

    Yanno, you could’ve done these jokes with living weapon.

    Who’s your Skinshifter? I would’ve suggested Tommy if I’d known you were going the Power Rangers route. You know, the GREEN Ranger. Also, during the time I remember, he was the only Power Ranger to get the “make my monster grow” treatment, which is very green.

    Fun fact: There is nothing I want to do with Skinshifter more than put him with Doran, the Siege-Tower. 4/4 trample, 2/2 flying, or vanilla 8/8!

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