Weavefy Interactive Book Creator (Not Real)

For the first time since I started grad school, my class takes place outside of Allen (the “Paul Allen Center for Computer Science and Engineering”). It takes place in Paccar Hall, home to the Foster School of Business, and the restaurant from hell, Orin’s Place.

Since the class is a business class, not a computer science class, there is no code to be written. There is, however, a business plan for a hypothetical project.

This is the pitch.

After a few viewings, it has become apparent that the slides are changing a little too fast. Because the video cannot go over 2 minutes, I will have to cut stuff before the deadline on Thursday.

Edit: Stuff has been cut. Should be less frantic now.

Edit 2: The scriptwriter wanted to add some of the cut material back in. In order to accomplish this, we show the text superimposed over the interactive book sample clips. The first Three Little Pigs video was replaced as well.

Script: Dharma Shukla
Illustrations: Adrian Ferrer (me)

Interactive Books:
The Three Little Pigs by Nosy Crow
The Three Little Pigs by Game Collage
Al Gore’s Our Choice by Push Pop Press
Raven’s Biology by Inkling

Tsunderella Honeymoon by Gust Sound Team (Mana Khemia 2)

3 Responses to “Weavefy Interactive Book Creator (Not Real)”

  1. I like that logo! Very nice!

  2. Sixten says:

    Thank you. My personal thought is that it’s too complex, and if you google image search for “weave logo” you’ll see it’s not particularly original. But it’s definitely better than the early versions of the logo, and it’s something I’m not ashamed of.

    Incidentally, the (not real) product used to be called “Alivery”.

  3. Mushyrulez says:

    I prefer alivery more, it sounds much more punny. Also, you could create the most original slogan ever:

    “It’s not just any library…

    it’s Alivery!”

    Man, business sounds… well, I wouldn’t say it sounds like an interesting class, but it sounds like… an intriguing one. Do you have to come up with everything else about this product as well?

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