The successor

So there were some people complaining about the “anime hair” on the new incarnation of Jace.

He looks normal to me.

As for why he’s wearing a Bonded Fetch… well, you’ll see.

7 Responses to “The successor”

  1. Gray Embrace says:

    The real question is why he hasn’t been “planeswalker-type-ruled” out of existence yet.

  2. Flak says:

    Haha, nice, tho you could have made memory adept’s hair a bit more extreme in the 3rd&4th panels 😛

  3. Skribulous says:

    Oh, speak for yourself, Jace “Sasuke Uchiha”, the Mind Sculptor. :p

    (Lol forever at Satori Jace.)

  4. Oooooh! I really love this strip! Waiting for the next one is killing me! XDDDDDDD
    Poor Memory Adept, his hair have nothing wrong for me! ^_-

  5. GoldenSunfreak says:

    Love the Satori Jace! I wonder what’ll happen when he’s mind-probing…

  6. Samukun says:

    Does he have Orin as a cat girl maid?

  7. Urakagi says:

    Mam Satori, your sister is waiting you for dinner in the house.

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