Clash of the titans (2)

9 Responses to “Clash of the titans (2)”

  1. Author says:

    Oops. Are they going to grow now?

  2. falkonus says:

    they’re gonna kill themselves…

    then the little things in the wheel barrel will be all he has left; a constant reminder of the struggle that he started.

  3. pectus_umbra says:

    Round 1. Fight!

  4. GoldenSunfreak says:

    So, who’s Okuu supposed to be?

  5. GoldenSunfreak says:

    I just read a previous post that suggested that she is Inferno Titan, though I figured Fujiwara no Mokou would make a better Inferno Titan…

  6. J says:

    Given her ability and the white mana symbol above her head, wouldn’t Sun Titan be correct?

  7. Sixten says:

    Utsuho is Sun Titan.

  8. falkonus says:

    Bring in Frost Titan (Cirno)!!

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