Kill Me Baby (Baby Please Kill Me) 01

Kill Me Baby is about Yasuna, who thinks she’s a high school girl.

What kind of high school girls look like that?

Ah, they’re J.C.Staff girls. That explains everything.

Yasuna has a friend named Sonya, who is an assassin (or “killer”, to use the term in the OP). She is also somewhat of a tsundere and is scared of a number of mundane things despite being well-trained in combat.

When I learned that J.C.Staff was doing this show, I read the first volume of the manga and was surprised that I actually laughed at it even though some parts were kind of morbid. In the anime, the morbid parts seem to have been filtered out, leaving a light-hearted comedy that just happens to have an assassin in it. Things have also been changed to tie things together and make Sonya seem more friendly toward Yasuna, and Yasuna to be adapting to the unique situation of having an assassin for a friend.

Take for instance, Sonya struggling to open a bottle.

In the anime, not only does Sonya open the bottle effortlessly with a karate chop, but Yasuna manages to manipulate Sonya into doing it, and Sonya does it again in the end to tie the episode together. This scene actually becomes significant.

The below scene did not appear in the anime at all, probably cut to lighten things up. A scene with Sonya leaving the room and coming back with blood on her face was also cut.

And the scene below received a massive upgrade in the anime.

First they establish that she’s afraid of cockroaches, having her cling to the ceiling when a cockroach is spotted inside the classroom. Then, they show that she can catch mosquitoes effortlessly. Then, they have her grab an insect out of the air.

In the manga, Sonya grabs the cockroach out of the air then runs for the sink when she opens her hand and sees it.

In the anime, she hears students talking about a rare flying cockroach that just went by, and she is suddenly afraid to open her hand.

It’s about three times funnier.

Stories with tsundere characters have to be careful not to let the tsundere become so mean that the audience hates her. Louise from The Familiar of Zero shows that J.C.Staff can make this mistake, but on the other hand Hinagiku from Hayate the Combat Butler shows they can also avoid it. (Both Zero and Hayate were directed by Yoshiaki Iwasaki.) And then shows like Full Metal Panic, where a soldier type tries to fit into a normal high school setting, have to be careful not to make the soldier type so paranoid or ignorant of everyday life as to be unrealistic.

So far, Sonya has sidestepped both of those pitfalls. Sonya does commit violence, but it has only ever been a defensive reflex, never with malicious intent, and it’s only because Yasuna is still learning what not to do around Sonya. Also, Sonya’s weaknesses are so glaring that she can’t be taken seriously. And while Sonya does seem to be as paranoid and ignorant as FMP’s Sosuke, the general absurdity level of Kill Me Baby is so high that Sonya doesn’t seem out of place.

And then there is Agiri. With her fake ninja magic scrolls and unexplained stunts, she keeps us guessing which of her powers are real and which are jokes. She steals the show.

Kill Me Baby probably has less than 10% of the budget of Nichijou. But so far it has managed to be cute and funny, and a cure for the dark cloud that’s been hanging over my opinion of J.C.Staff since I turned out to be horribly wrong with my predictions regarding Yumekui Merry. While it’s way too soon to call Kill Me Baby the new Potemayo (with Sonya as the new tsundere blob Guchuko), it gives me hope that the masters of the cute and wrong comedy haven’t lost their touch.

P.S. Kill Me Baby is directed by Yoshiki Yamakawa, who also directed First Love Limited for J.C.Staff.

P.P.S. Rie Kugimiya is in this show, but not as the tsundere.

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  1. Samukun says:

    “Rie Kugimiya is in this show, but not as the tsundere.”
    Hath the world turned upside down and inside out!?

  2. GoldenSunfreak says:

    Speaking of Yumekui Merry, there is an official spinoff called “Kagefumi Merry”.

    It’s about a boy named Yuuki who meets Merry Nightmare, except Merry is a badass loli instead of a tsundere loli, and the enemy is a nightmare named Wiles. It was a really interesting retake on Yumekui Merry, even if it was only one volume long. I think you should try to read it if you can find it.

    I hope the anime hasn’t turned you off from the manga, because the manga is way better. I highly recommend you keep reading it.

    p.s. Kagefumi Merry doesn’t like donuts.

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