Celebrating two years of H.C.Staff

March 10, 2009, is my 29th birthday. It is also the second anniversary of the founding of the Heart’s Content blog (founded on March 10, 2007). Today hasn’t been the best birthday, but it wasn’t the worst either: there was an emergency at work, the Maid RPG rulebook I wanted to buy was out of print copies (although I did eventually find a place that had it in stock), Hinano and JP gave a bad review to my #3 favorite show Little Snow Fairy Sugar, no one gave me any presents (although I was greeted by my various family members, at least), and my Xbox 360 developed the red ring of death in the middle of my rewatch of To Heart (although I could still watch on my PC).

Two years ago, Heart’s Content and H.C.Staff (originally called Potato Lovers) were founded in hopes of creating a visual novel about a school for moe haremette training. That project eventually failed, replaced by a comic written by Jason Miao. That project failed too, replaced by a comic about Jason Miao. And that, at least, was completed successfully.

What’s next for H.C.Staff? Well, this:

This is a concept drawing of two of the lead characters from the upcoming project. There will be a formal announcement with more details on April 2. Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about Ravnica. I’ll get those updated designs done before the end of March.

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  1. Samu-kun says:

    Woah, red ring of death, huh? That happened to my Xbox twice now… Good thing I got it covered on my warranty both times though.

    Also, a new project, huh? Too bad it’s not mine, but it looks cute neverthelss. =w=

  2. The ribbons are quite the nice touch.

  3. Hinano says:

    Hey don’t blame JP’s post on me, I didn’t have anything to do with it! I must have liked Snow Sugar enough to burn it on a CD back in the day so don’t take it out on me 😛

    In other news happy belated birthday, I look forward to your new work, I like the design already (p.s. moar kissing)

  4. Sixten says:

    But then in the comments you said “the only redeeming thing about this show (Little Snow Fairy Sugar) was the theme song”.

  5. lolikitsune says:

    Happy birthday!

    Also, where have I seen that plushie before?

  6. Sixten says:

    Yes, that is a Tanuki. That, and the fact that the girl is designed after Sora Kasugano (Stripey’s Bishoujo Feature #2, and the dateable little sister title character from visual novel Yosuga no Sora), should be a hint that the characters are brother and sister.

    Note that this does not automatically rule out kissing.

  7. Hinano says:

    Ok well I admit that I said that because it’s been so long that I watched the show…and if the only thing I remember about it is the theme song it probably means nothing else stood out in it besides that…hence my statement… ;_; aw come on don’t be a sad panda lol

  8. Hinano says:

    Wait they’re siblings? This better be like Da Capo! I do not approve of blood related incest (except in the case of MAZE :lol:)

  9. Sixten says:

    Okay, I’m not a sad panda anymore. Thanks for the birthday greetings.

    The siblings are blood-related, but rest assured that something will happen to keep incest from occurring. If this were a dating sim, the sister would definitely not be a possible end girl.

    (However, in Yosuga no Sora, not only does the blood-related incest occur, but it is probably also the canon ending.)

  10. Author says:

    Happy Birthday!

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