Love and hate (2)

It is said that the Frenchman is master of three things: art, cooking, and making his wife happy.

Go and die, Mana Leak. Nobody likes you.

P.S. It seems that there is a demand for Tamiyo Reisen. I normally do not straight-up substitute Toho characters for planeswalkers (note that even Satori Jace is still recognizably Jace 3.0) but if I get enough votes (like 3-4 more) I’ll do everyone’s favorite gun-toting bunny girl as the mightiest of all moonfolk.

10 comments on “Love and hate (2)

  1. curse you, cavern of souls!

    but yeah, the tamiyo reisen idea seems pretty cute, but whatever works is fine i guess.

  2. Reisen Tamiyo! Woo!

    (And Cavern of Souls is a card to make this Timmy’s heart glad.)

  3. Cavern makes me sad, if only because it’s ridiculous and generates colored mana, noncreature mana, comes in unapped, and generally lacks “downside” we see to good lands.

    I do think it’s hilarious that people are buying it for 20-30$ online, though.

  4. I’m a huge fan of ur webcomic since day1 :D.
    BTW, what was Love and Hate (1)? I tried search for it but I couldn’t find it…

  5. You really need listings of who each toho character is standing for. I’m not a part of the Toho fandom (I tried to look into it and have no idea where to start, really), so most of that stuff goes over my head entirely.

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