Tamiyo Reisen (12 hours) – COMPLETE

So on Friday evening I got a box of Avacyn Restored and was like, “If I open a Tamiyo, I’ll go do that picture the audience is asking for. Otherwise, I’ll just do my homework.”

Guess what happened.

Larger image

Based off of the original illustration by Eric Deschamps. It’s the most gorgeous illustration in Avacyn Restored, and there’s no way I could do it justice.

P.S. I did also do my homework.

9 comments on “Tamiyo Reisen (12 hours) – COMPLETE

  1. Bro, you missed the symbol on your card. 😛
    But I love it. It captures a lot of the playfulness of the original Tamiyo card as well. 🙂

  2. When you said that you were gonna do a more toho PW I was scared that the character erased the original personality of the card. But thankfully, that didn’t happened you captured both sides doing it perfectly balanced symetry (IMHO). Good Work!

  3. Wow, I almost thought you copied the background, but instead you just reproduced it incredibly accurately. The contrast between her and the background seems a bit sudden though (it’s too blurry immediately behind her), but that doesn’t matter because man, that was awesome.

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