I got laid off from my job.

I have 29 days to find a new job or fall out of status.

Let’s see how many job applications I can complete in the coming week. I’ll mention the applications in the comments as I send them out. Hopefully someone will hire me before time runs out.

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  1. Sixten says:

    Application 1: MTG Creative Team. A long shot, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to see what I can do in this position.

  2. Khôi says:

    Aww… shiat, wish you good luck over there 🙁

  3. GoldenSunfreak says:

    Really sorry to hear that Sixten…hope you find another job really soon! I think you would do really well on the MTG Creative Team. If you could do a plane around Gensokyo…just kidding (maybe)

  4. Falkonus says:

    daaaaamn… that sucks. best of luck, dude!

  5. Sixten says:

    Application 2: Big Fish Tester. I haven’t written much Python, but it isn’t a strict requirement and I do have 6 years of programming experience.

  6. Sixten says:

    Application 2 was rejected. Rejection is better than no response.

  7. Jesus159159159 says:

    Best of luck, Sixten

  8. Sixten says:

    Application 3: Amazon UI Developer. This is the one I’m most confident in so far. How do I edit my submission?

  9. Yosiel says:

    Hey, didn’t you consider talking to Mr. OrangeGuy to see if there’s still some freelance job in I have seen a lot of new writers/gag videos there. Maybe the door is not closed… Good Luck with whatever you want though!

  10. Sixten says:

    @Yosiel: As much as I like SCG, they are unlikely to have a job that matches my degree and that they are willing to sponsor my visa for.

    Application 4: Microsoft SDE. Most of my work experience has been with Microsoft technologies. I got rejected here six years ago, but now I have six years of experience and a master’s degree.

  11. Sixten says:

    Application 5: Web designer at ING. I wonder what it would be like working for a bank. One of my co-workers was at Washington Mutual before it got salvaged by Chase.

  12. Sixten says:

    Application 6: Web application developer. Since this is through a staffing agency, I don’t know what company this is except that it’s in Seattle.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Man, getting laid off is a horrible thing. It never feels deserved or justified in any way. Good luck with your job search, Sixten. I know you’ll find a way through.

  14. Ink says:

    Good luck, work hard! Also I think you should up your rate and apply to more positions.

    Many children, some live.

  15. umbra says:

    Good luck Sixten!

  16. Sixten says:

    Ink: I am aware of the need to send out many applications. But cover letters take time, and I had to assemble a portfolio for the creative jobs. Don’t worry, there will be plenty more.

  17. Sixten says:

    Application 7: URIKA database programmer. A friend who works at Cray helped me apply for this. Sadly, my lack of Linux experience is probably going to sink me here.

  18. Sixten says:

    Application 8: Game artist at WildTangent. I also have a friend at WildTangent helping me with this. I hope to be able to put both my art and programming skills to use here.

  19. Sixten says:

    Application 9: ASP.NET developer at DNA Response. At first I thought they were into computational biology, but it turns out they’re in e-commerce. Either way, this job is the closest so far to the job I was laid off of.

  20. Sixten says:

    Application 10: Unknown company on Craigslist. I don’t know who these people are, but then again my last job, which I held for 6 years, was another unknown company on Craigslist at the time I applied.

  21. Sixten says:

    Application 11: .NET developer at MAJIQ. This isn’t a fantasy-themed game, this is a company that develops software for the paper industry.

  22. Sixten says:

    Application 12: Software Analyst at Intentional Software. What they do is create developer tools.

  23. Sixten says:

    Application 13: UW Applied Physics Laboratory. I applied to be a database administrator and programmer. I was a physics minor with a 3.9/4.0 GPA in that subject by the way.

  24. Sixten says:

    Application 14: C# programmer at Sound Metrics. Supposedly this job needs you do be good at math. I guess the whole sonar thing requires a whole lot of computation.

  25. Sixten says:

    Application 15: .NET developer at Satori Software. I fit this position better than most, plus I would get a kick out of telling people I work for Satori.

  26. Sixten says:

    Application 16: Database developer at Palador. My inexperience with SQL Analysis, Integration, and Reporting services will probably sink me here.

  27. Sixten says:

    Application 17: Another unknown company on Craigslist, this time in healthcare. Still no replies from anyone past that rejection from Big Fish. Well, nobody ever said it was easy.

  28. Sixten says:

    Application 18: Web developer at Paperless Business Systems. I seem to be qualified for a lot more jobs than I was six years ago. Funny how that works.

  29. David Lyford-Smith says:

    Good luck, Sixten. Hope you get it sorted.

  30. Sixten says:

    Application 19: Database developer at Provided I can pick up PHP quickly, this would be a slam dunk.

  31. Sixten says:

    Application 20: Tester at Blue Nile. Yes, the jewelry store.

  32. Sixten says:

    Application 21: Game artist at Booyah. Just to see what their standards are. I don’t think my visa status will let them hire me, as much as I would like to work here.

  33. Sixten says:

    Got my first non-negative response and now I have a phone interview at Amazon. Let’s hope this works out.

  34. Sixten says:

    Application 22: .NET Software Engineer at Seven Simple Machines. This company seems to be similar to the one I got laid off from – except much more stringent in its quality assurance process.

  35. Samu-kun says:

    Good luck with the interview! With over 20 applications, I’m sure it’ll turn out well. No one will be able to say you were lazy at least.

  36. Sixten says:

    Application 24: Software engineer at Visa. Yes, the credit card company. I do have a lot of experience writing websites that collect fees.

  37. Sixten says:

    Got another phone interview, this time with Seven Simple Machines.

  38. Sixten says:

    Application 25: Scaling engineer at Hulu. That’s certainly a website that needs to handle a large number of users and a large amount of data.

  39. Sixten says:

    Application 26: SQL developer at a mystery company in Olympia.

  40. Sixten says:

    Application 27: Database administrator at Valley Cities. I don’t think I’ll be working directly with patients if I get this.

  41. Sixten says:

    Application 28: ASP.NET developer at ATG Stores. Wherever there’s a furniture-selling website, there’s a job for a programmer.

  42. Sixten says:

    A third interview, this time in person at Paperless Business Systems.

  43. Sixten says:

    Application 29: Developer at UnifyCloud. I didn’t see any explicit mention of this position involving working with the cloud, but I would expect that it does actually involve working with the cloud.

  44. Sixten says:

    Application 30: Developer at Knowledge Anywhere. I wonder if it’s named after someone named Knowledge.

  45. Sixten says:

    Application 20 was rejected. Oh well, it happens.

  46. Sixten says:

    The interview with Amazon went well, and now I have to schedule a day in which to take a 6-hour barrage of in-person, on-site interviews. Things are looking up, but first I have to get my references together.

  47. Sixten says:

    The interview with Paperless Business Systems went reasonably well, although I discovered how little I know about databases despite working with them for six years.

  48. Sixten says:

    Got a fourth interview, this time with Sound Metrics. They do high-definition sonar for police and military. My not being a US citizen might come into play here.

  49. Sixten says:

    And a fifth interview, with Hulu. Searching for work is like a job.

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