I got laid off from my job.

I have 29 days to find a new job or fall out of status.

Let’s see how many job applications I can complete in the coming week. I’ll mention the applications in the comments as I send them out. Hopefully someone will hire me before time runs out.

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  1. Sixten says:

    Failed hard at the phone interview with Seven Simple Machines. I could only answer one of the four questions I was asked, and stumbled even on that one. I have much to learn.

  2. Mushyrulez says:

    Damn, crapshaith indeed. It’s really sad how hard it is to get a job even with a Master’s and years of experience.

    Best of luck, though! I’m sure you’ll make it.

  3. Sixten says:

    Application 31: Software engineer at Azaleos. The job application included a ClearFit traits survey.

  4. Sixten says:

    The search finally ends two weeks to the day I was told of the layoff.

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