Autumn Children (Take 1) – Pages 21-22

In the same way that Kanako was known as “Yasakatome-no-mikoto” before moving to Gensokyo, Minoriko was known as “Princess Inada”, and Shizuha was known as “Princess Tatsuta”.

Princess Tatsuta gracefully flies from tree to tree and whispers to trees “Time has come. Change colors.” Her long scarf is flowing and touching to them one by one. Being waked up with her gentle whispers, the trees start to turn myriad colors – crimson, scarlet, red, orange, gold, yellow and more, astonishing variety of hues.

Nara Storyteller

Princess Tatsuta from umefan

There is even a fall delicacy known as “Robe of Princess Tatsuta”. If you live in Seattle, you might want to visit Tokara during their October open house to try it out.

Shizuha by Botamochi
Robe of Princess Tatsuta candy by Chika Tokara

In the Autumn Children story, I had originally planned for Shizuha’s bad feelings to come from the fact that she had lost all the power and prestige she held as Princess Tatsuta when she was still in the outside world. However, that led to an inconsistency.

If Shizuha had known what it was like to be powerful and popular, she would know how to fix her current situation. So the Autumn Children version of Shizuha is just a goddess native to Gensokyo, who doesn’t yet know that she doesn’t have to be limited by her relatively minor responsibilities as a goddess.

Anyway, pages:

Page 21
Page 22

This is essentially an expanded version of Parsee’s long speech that was on the short-lived original version of Page 20. Instead of Parsee just talking at Shizuha without interruption (which was getting into Magical Index levels of obnoxiousness, as well as being unrealistic), this new dialog involves contributions from the other characters. It ends up dragging less despite being twice as long. Funny how that works.

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