Sound Sepher Album Covers by Kito

Readers who have been following me for a few years know that when it comes to Japanese moe-style illustration, my idol is Kito. In fact, if I had control over which artist should do the character illustrations for a given dating sim, I would pick Kito over admittedly technically superior artists such as Kantoku or Hanaharu Naruko.

I have had other posts in which I fanboy about Kito and display his work (see here or here). This time I want to showcase the album cover illustrations he has done for Sound Sepher, which does remixes of Toho music, among other things.

Want some more? Of course you do.

Awesome? Yes.

If you want some Kito art of your own and don’t want to spend large amounts of money getting an artbook like I did or getting those albums (which, based on the samples, are not bad), there is a free app you can download.

Osanpo in Kichijoji, as far as I can tell, serves to promote the Kichijoji neighborhood in Tokyo. You can take a stroll around the “place in Japan where people most wish they could live” with the fairy Kichirin and the creature Joji-kun.

Between that and the Cirno Alarm (also illustrated by Kito), I might have to reconsider my policy of getting the dumbest phone available.

In conclusion, Kito is still the best.

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