Slash Panther

Many years ago, I was an Assistant Ward Mission Leader and holder of the priesthood in the Mormon Church.

As such, I believed that marriage was required to be between a man and a woman, even if people have no say in what their sexual orientation is. Even if homosexuals were still welcome in the church, yielding to same-sex attraction was considered a sin (see official stance here).

Even if I am no longer a Mormon (when I sold my soul to J.C.Staff I renounced all religions), it took a while for me to be okay with the idea of same-sex romance and marriage.

4 Responses to “Slash Panther”

  1. Samukun says:

    That’s a good one

  2. KimikoMuffin says:

    *badum-tsh* XD

  3. Yosiel says:

    Welcome back! I know how you feel about the issue, but if you can’t smile in life then it isn’t worth doing it… Keep the good work!

  4. LupisLacertus says:

    This (These?) was/were one/some of my favorites. (man sticking to this paradigm is hard) I really hope Slash Panther gets a chance to come back.

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