The return of Lotus Cobra

Oh hey, guess who’s back.

New cover
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In addition to making all-new Lotus Cobra is Evil strips, I will also be revamping old strips at the rate of one per week to make them more printer friendly. The changes are:

1) Screentones. No longer merely solid black and white.

2) No official art. Any official Magic art will be redrawn by me.

3) Hand-lettering. All text is written by hand instead of using fonts.

4) High definition. The files posted on this site may be the same resolution as before, but the originals have 250% greater dimensions for sharp printing.

So check them out every Wednesday, starting now!

Here’s a completely new strip:

Magic and other delusions

And here’s how an old strip looks in the new style.

Where it all began
Compared to the original, the production values are definitely much higher. Oh, and did I mention that I’ll be doing one new strip and one revamped old strip every Wednesday until February 2015?


8 comments on “The return of Lotus Cobra

  1. Welcome home.

    On that note, guess who else is back (in Standard)?

    She’s grown up so fast… *tear*

  2. Oh, and this archangel too: :3

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