Sweet Blue Flowers

As you know, the schoolgirl yuri drama manga Sweet Blue Flowers by Takako Shimura is getting an anime adaptation by J.C.Staff. The manga so far has struck me as slow, low-key, sweet, charming, but not particularly awesome. Still, every show J.C.Staff makes has a chance of rocking like a mother.

Has the featured couple in a J.C.Staff romance show ever been two girls? (Mikoto x Kuroko doesn’t count.)

Has the female lead in a J.C.Staff show ever been sensitive about her small boobs? (Okay, maybe that’s happened a few times.)

The female leads Fumi and Akira could probably qualify as “DFC”, but Sweet Blue Flowers isn’t really loli or moe. I also think the cast needs more nice boys, although I admit that might get in the way of all the yuri. But there’s still plenty to like. Fumi and Akira’s childhood friendship is all kinds of cute, and Fumi’s meek and easily flustered personality combos unexpectedly well with her tall, graceful, imposing glasses girl image. The art is decent in black and white and absolutely gorgeous in watercolor (which should carry over into the anime backgrounds, knowing J.C.Staff.) Even if yuri isn’t my thing, I trust J.C.Staff enough to check this out.

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