Orange Planet

Just a little something to show that I’ve been working hard on Love in Space as usual, and not slacking off and watching Shrine of the Morning Mist or something like that.



Now back to watching the real crazy shrine maidens.

I mean, drawing the key scenes for the first chapter.

Update: “Key scene”

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  1. Author says:

    Licensed by Media Blasters? Sounds interesting. The question is though, what about the story and the ending?

  2. lolikitsune says:

    I checked out this post hoping it’d be about Aria.


  3. WillofTheWisps says:

    Didn’t we all… So how is Shrine of the Morning Mist anyway? Worth throwing money into the pot for it?

  4. Sixten says:

    I liked it enough to watch it twice over the weekend (it’s 26 half-length episodes, so it’s only a little longer than Strawberry Marshmallow), so it’s a clear buy for me. However, I can identify many points in the story that people would have issues with.

    Many things aren’t made clear or consistent enough. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense why the enemies attack who they do, and when. People who are known targets are sometimes inexplicably left unguarded. And the good guys can be really dense – they take a while to realize what power they possess even after someone explains it to them, and they also take a while to see through their enemies’ disguises.

    And while there’s plenty of clues to show you that the male lead is indeed capable of doing what he does with his power in the final arc, I would have liked more opportunities for him to demonstrate his power and its growth – preferably in battle.

    But the series is a lot of fun. And if you like shrine maidens, there’s enough moe and shrine maiden mythology in there to allow you to overlook the problems. I’d buy it right now if I weren’t waiting for the June 23 release of the next Moribito – Guardian of the Spirit DVDs.

    Note: if you like fanservice or women with large breasts, you won’t find them here. Clothing and boobs are both on the conservative side. Which happens to be how I like it, anyway.

  5. Samu-kun says:

    So that was the key scene, huh… Tsk, tsk.

  6. Any show with miko magic is a good show. I put my order in yesterday and it’ll be delivered on Wednesday.

  7. Author says:

    Got the 1st DVD from Netflix a few minutes ago.

  8. Author says:

    After 5 half-eps it’s exactly what you made it sound, and somehow it underwhelms. Dunno what I expected. The sad part is, the rich bitch is the best character. What are the leads doing?! Man.

  9. Sixten says:

    Watching Shrine of the Morning Mist for the fantasy action plot is like watching K-On for the band success story. You’ll find traces of what you’re looking for, but they don’t add up. Shrine is not Fate Stay Night any more than K-On is Beck. Shrine and K-On are moe delivery vehicles. If you’re not into shrine maidens by the end of the first disc, you shouldn’t continue watching because the story will make you facepalm over and over again.

    FACEPALM 1: When they have the “trying on the swimsuits” montage, it’s all Tama. It’s awesome, but you’ll facepalm.

    FACEPALM 2: When Koma’s flashback about Hiro’s grandfather reveals the true extent of the power of the Saniwa Eye. “If the eye can do that, then with some training Hiro could…”

    FACEPALM 3: When Yuzu and Hiro get captured in the final arc. Just how easy it was for the bad guys.

    FACEPALM 4: Kukuri’s true identity. Just… Kukuri’s true identity.

  10. Sixten says:

    Of course, I like shrine maidens, so to me, this show is great.

  11. Hinano says:

    I remember Asagiri no Miko from like 6 years ago. I also remember having to open each episode in virtual dub and compress it because my computer couldn’t play files that had a frame rate of 119frps lol

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