Does this mean I win?

Although ExoByte and Fetjuel both alerted me to it, it took me a while to see for myself because I submitted my entry to this contest under my old email address which has been decommissioned. Here are some other entries. What do you suppose are my chances of winning?

Click for larger image.

I’ll have the preview and release date for Miao Diary final installment up later today as promised, but first my mother has asked me to read her doctorate thesis (144 pages).

3 Responses to “Does this mean I win?”

  1. tidal says:

    Looking at the other entries, I’d say your chances are about 75-80%.

  2. Author says:

    We cannot know what their criteria are. At first blush, #9 seems strong. I don’t know if it’s relevant to the game, however. The cross-stitch item took some effort, but the basic art was weak, and if they want to use the art for promotion, it may not translate well. So yeah, you’re the leader on general grounds, but really we don’t know.

  3. Sixten says:

    In the end, I won. What will I do with a dakimakura?

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