Magic the Gathering: Alara the Natural

In the Shards of Alara expansion block of Magic the Gathering, the story is that the world of Alara broke into five isolated “shards” or worlds, each missing two of the five colors of magic that made up the universe. The evil dragon wizard Nicol Bolas planned to destroy these shards and use the energy to achieve immortality.

At least, that’s what Wizards of the Coast tells us.

But really, can a dragon whose hobby is reading books and whose alternate form is a little boy be evil? The answer is no, and H.C.Staff will now bring you the true story of Nicol Bolas and the shards of Alara.

While it is true that Nicol Bolas was seeking immortality, he was doing so by researching large-scale time manipulation. For most of the 2,000+ years of his existence, he had been accumulating magic from all corners of the universe to prepare and cast a spell of immense scale. But one day he tried to research the maelstrom of cascading magic that kept the shards of Alara separate from each other. Nicol was sucked in, and eventually expelled onto the jungle-covered shard of Alara known as Naya, with his body and spirit in critical condition.

The dying Nicol was discovered by an elf queen known as Mayael the Anima. Mayael was the priestess of the Sacellum, a jungle shrine dedicated to the hydra-avatar Progenitus. With the help of the life-giving green magic of Naya, Mayael was able to nurse Nicol back to health.

Most intelligent beings in the universe had no knowledge of any other worlds besides their own. Only “planeswalkers” like Nicol were able to travel to different worlds anyway. But while healing, Nicol had plenty of time to tell Mayael about worlds, particularly the other four worlds of Alara. The elf queen was enchanted by these stories, and wished that she could someday meet people from those other worlds.

A few days after Nicol recovered and left, Mayael awoke to find the castles of Bant on the eastern horizon, and the volcanoes of Jund to the west. Somehow the shards of Alara had converged into a single, healed world, a paradise where all five colors of magic could exist in harmony.

Mayael was overjoyed. With four new worlds to explore, there was no shortage of wonderful encounters awaiting her. She met the shamans Rakka Mar and Sarkhan Vol of Jund, the knight Elspeth Tirel of Bant, and the genius inventor of magical devices, Tezzeret of Esper. Both Rakka and Elspeth became her close friends, bound together by their study of magic and their leadership roles within their respective communities.

Mayael spent her days fulfilling her duties as queen of the elves, and also learning about the culture and people of the four new worlds that had been opened to her. And each day she thanked Nicol for his gift, wondering where he was and what he had sacrificed to make Alara whole again.

Alara the Natural is the story of the everyday life of Mayael and her friends, as they learn and make friends in the wonderful utopia that Nicol Bolas made possible.

Any similarity to Aria the Natural is completely coincidental.

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  1. lolikitsune says:


  2. Vatina says:

    Haha that was awesome xD

  3. Will of the Wisps says:

    I laughed for a while at this. Surely, it made my day.

  4. Marzos says:

    jajajajajajajajaja!!! Nicol Bolas is a good Dragon because he destroyed the evil planeswalker Leshrack and closed the rift in Madara. He knows than the action he will do is a sacrifice, if he close the rift (its an oportunity for Jeska to do the spell to change the spark and close the time rift in Dominaria), he will be mortal, but he sacrifice his inmortaly for all the habitants in the multiverse. ¡Nicol Bolas its my hero!

  5. Andrew Perron says:

    Going back and looking at this: I really wanna see more. ;.;

  6. No Name xDD says:

    I just know that my name is alara xDD

  7. justin kunst says:

    Totally cool. I love this comic, i hope you have more. I love MTG

  8. Ethan says:

    You all have good points but you’re forgetting one thing; every act Nicol Bolas has ever performed has been to further his own power(s) and ambitions. Even when he sacrificed his immortality it was only because he didn’t wish to rule an empty multiverse. He is quite simply dominaria’s most ancient evil. He may have helped bring the shards of alara together, but it was only so he could drain the very essence (mana) of the ENTIRE PLANE into his body to regain his lost immortality. I would consider that to be a pretty evil act

  9. Ethan says:

    It’s still a cool comic though

  10. urza says:

    the true evil of magic was yawgamoth,but the end of it is the eldrazi

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