Alara the Natural: Sketchbook

As you know, my impending return to school has resulted in my “honorable dismissal” from Samukun’s Sunrider: Love in Space project. The project will continue without me. To keep consistency of the art, Samukun has decided to redraw everything I have done, and has politely declined my offer to continue making even backgrounds. Without a project to work on, I next consulted Stripey, who I still owe an illustration to based on the now-defunct J.C.Points system, and he preferred to wait until my next free period in the summer of 2010 to call in his favor.

While looking for something to do, I tried to gauge the reader reaction to a prospective Magic the Gathering doujin called Alara the Natural, which has nothing to do with Aria the Natural.

Sadly, it seems as though only fans of Magic or a certain series (that this doujin is not inspired by) would get the jokes contained within. I tried starting on the script, but my attempts to explain the blending of Magic and that series ended up in Magical Index style exposition followed by explosive magical combat, which is out of character for the laid-back, tidehollow-sculling atmosphere I was trying to achieve.

So I’ll just post the concept art from this non-materializing doujin, and get back to playing Kira * Kira.

2 Responses to “Alara the Natural: Sketchbook”

  1. lolikitsune says:

    I really appreciate the attempt. I love Magic and I love Aria that series, and I’d have loved to see more of where you were going with that last post, but if you don’t think I’m a substantial demographic (and if you’re working for me anyway…) I don’t have much leverage, I suppose.

  2. justin kunst says:

    Hey I came on this site looking for mtg cards. totally love your sketches.

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