Picture as a function of time

How a picture takes shape.


After 10 hours total

After 12 hours total

After 14 hours total

After 16 hours total

Courtesy of Cuffs-Sphere.

For comparison, look at what a professional can do in approximately the same amount of time. I take back what I said. My work is really not worth paying for. Take this picture and use it if you wish; I won’t charge you.

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  1. lolikitsune says:

    I didn’t say your work wasn’t worth paying for… and frankly, I like your product better than the comparison pic. Do you take Paypal and would you be willing to do more of these?


  2. lolikitsune says:

    Shall I make a list of the backgrounds I need and a set of guidelines (not to cramp your style, but to give you a feel of the environment I envision)? And maybe a flat rate of 40$/background? That way on average you’ll probably make more than 2$/hour if the example above is any indication…

    Seriously, don’t be so down on yourself. The background you drew would look even better to me if it were not tinged with your lack of self-esteem.

    Chin up, bro.

  3. Sixten says:

    I’ve had my self-esteem wrung out of me for nine years following my art school graduation, so you’ll have to excuse my drama queen antics. But if you’re ready to be a paying client, I’m ready to conduct myself like a professional.

    Your price is acceptable to me and is more than I deserve. I don’t take Paypal but we can discuss payment in September after I’ve delivered your backgrounds.

    My work is allocated 20 hours a week for every week in July and August. The rate of production should be one background a week. Send your list of required backgrounds as well as any additional specifications. Any instructions will be followed to the letter.

    Because you’re paying, there is no “cramping of my style”. I’ll do whatever you ask that is completable within the given timeframe whether or not it falls within my comfort zone. I’ll change my style if you need, do male character designs in an emulation of the style that Choux has established, and more, if you give the order.

    You don’t need to tell me to raise my head. Your business has validated my existence.

    Awaiting your command.

  4. lolikitsune says:

    ahahah… first command, less formal? >_>

  5. lolikitsune says:

    I’ll get back to you later today or tomorrow with the list. I’ll also send you an advance copy of the next version of the game so you can get a feel for the settings and all that.

  6. lolikitsune says:

    Sent you an e-mail. Not 100% sure what e-mail address you’re using these days. Let me know if you received it (I sent it to a yahoo address you used to comment on my blog).

  7. Sixten says:


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