CCY: Male Character Designs

So I’ve signed on to provide 150 or so hours of work on lolikit’s visual novel project, CCY-senpai wa 17-sai.

What did he do to earn such service?

Surprising how much easier it is to get art students to do stuff when you pay them. Sure he’s “only” paying about $2 per hour, but that does come out to $300 in the end, which is not a trivial expense. Think of the college textbooks, Sora Kasugano figures, or whatever you could buy with $300.

That said, now that this is business and I have a paying client, what he asks for, he gets, regardless of whether I have to step out of my comfort zone. And because he’s paying, this is also my top priority after my job, sleep, and food. My playing of Kira Kira and my watching of anime will be sacrificed if necessary, to meet the quota of 20 hours per week. J.C.Staff’s new shows this summer weren’t my style anyway.

So anyway, lolikit has recruited Choux to do his female character designs. While more qualified for the job than me, Choux nevertheless suffers from the Naru Nanao problem:

While excelling in female character design, [Naru’s] design for males lacks, which is why when working on a visual novel, character design for the males will be handled by a different person.

Choux’s female character designs. Click for larger image.

So although my primary responsibility as lolikit’s art provider is to draw backgrounds, I have also been requested to provide male character designs. Normally, they would turn out like this:

But since the client is paying, I have to obey, which is why you’ll see character designs here that you didn’t think I was capable of. Normally I would jump off a bridge before drawing Jasmine Miao in anything other than her true form. The same thing goes for the hairy, shirtless Owen (we all know she’s really a bunny girl) and the scruffy lolikit. (CCY, the male lead, remains largely unchanged.)

Click for larger image.

Money has a way of making people do things they normally wouldn’t. Like Shinobu, I love money.

39 Responses to “CCY: Male Character Designs”

  1. lolikitsune says:

    Oh. My god.

    I LOVE THEM! So much.
    I can barely conceal my joy and keep myself from waking the sleeping person nearby.

    My only crit: lolikit’s face looks quite gaunt, giving him an air of being pretty old. I don’t know if just taking the line of his cheekbone out would fix that, but he should look a -tad- less like an old man.

    Anyhow, again, love them, and thank you Sixten!

  2. Hinano says:

    lol what the fack why is Scott in this? Oh wait I hope that’s not anime almanac scott but the OTHEr scott…lol

  3. Owen S says:

    This is severely, hilariously, inaccurate but only because I am 100% Asian (Chinese, just fyi), and therefore have no way in hell of being that hirsute–I don’t have anything that passes for facial hair, and I know of girls with more body hair than me!

  4. lolikitsune says:

    @Hinano: it’s SVS from Anime Almanac. You get a good end if you kill him.

    @Owen: the wild hairy man that you are in my game is an anthropomorphism of your cyberspace nature, not a simile to your meatspace appearance.

  5. bluemist says:

    Ooh, is this the next aniblog VN? Hmm such progress, there’s money involved now eh?

    Good stuff.

  6. Owen S says:

    lk: Bullshit, Jason Miao wouldn’t have been so dapper otherwise.

  7. Owen S says:

    And unless we’re going for a pastiche/gattai of every single Mike in the anisphere (ghostlighting + otousan + Huang + anime|otaku)… uh… yeah.

  8. lolikitsune says:

    @bluemist: seems so, since CCY isn’t making his effin’ VN. I ended up needing to do it for him.

    @Owen: I didn’t say they were all like that; I was just explaining the process behind your design. Mike is anime|otaku Mike, and is supposed to look jolly. Jason Miao looks dapper because he’s the boss. Ultimately, his face should bear a strong resemblance to yaranaika man.

  9. Author says:

    That’s pretty funny, especially Owen. Very meta, but still funny.

  10. lolikappa says:

    This … is glorious. So fucking psyched for the finished product, even more than before.


  11. Owen S says:

    I see. This explains why Baka Raptor resembles Hisoka, a sadistic homosexual paedophile.

  12. lolikitsune says:

    @Author: meta usually isn’t funny? You’re wasting your time over at ani-nouto, man.

    @lolikappa: 😀 I am too. I wasn’t before because I never expected there to be a finished product, but now there has to be.

    @Owen: Hisoka? I don’t know who that is, and it certainly wasn’t intentional. Oh well.

  13. Hinano says:

    LK can I be in this game? Like maybe I can nice boat somebody at the end? 😀

  14. lolikitsune says:

    @Hinano: you’re in the game! You teach one of the elective options, a class about making aniblogger visual novels (inside an aniblogger visual novel). Going to your class leads to rifts in reality.

    If you want more screentime, I can probably fit you in somewhere. Maybe making love to SVS… ? 😉

  15. lolikitsune says:

    OH OH Sixten, any chance lolikit could have curly hair? :3

  16. moritheil says:

    Bwahahahahahaha. BEST OWEN EVER.

  17. Hinano says:

    SVS would like it too much if you had that scene. =_=; I had no idea I was teaching the makings of a visual novel rofl, I’d thought I’d have a more violent role. But yea that sounds cool too.

  18. digitalboy says:

    where. the. fuck. is. omo.

  19. Sixten says:

    She’s the purple-haired girl on the right of Choux’s picture.

  20. Author says:

    Obviously someone has to fail the cut. TJ, Omo, SDB with his cane, Crusader, BigN, Kuro, Evirus, Aroduc, Zyl and his brother, John and Zepy the newsmen — all went under the knife.

  21. Author says:

    Oh snap, now I’m concerned.

  22. Author says:

    Wait, what are you two doing? She’s SKINNY.

  23. lolikitsune says:

    @moritheil: you have a good eye, sir.

    @Hinano: don’t worry, Scott won’t like it no matter how he features in my game. After my Public Enemy #2 post, any Scott press from me is bad press.

    @Author: I can’t throw in everyone like I was originally intending to because now there’s character art, greatly increasing the overhead to adding characters. In addition to those above, I’ve commissioned a ghostlightning from otou-san (the original designer of the mecha tennis jock), and there are two nondescript female school staff (a teacher and a nurse). I think for Riex, I’ll just paste in a vector of Kon from Bleach.

    There are definitely people in your list I want in my game… hell, I want you in my game… but we’ll see. Time shall tell.

    As for Omo’s weight… big deal? 😛 These designs don’t necessarily reflect the real-world appearances of the anibloggers. Hell, is Omo a girl IRL? ;3

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  25. digitalboy says:

    If I provide a character design of myself, can I be in your game?

  26. Extrange says:

    Owen is more of a grumpy Matsumoto from Downtown comedy group, while L.Kitsune need to be more…..frail. But Mike is almost perfect, only lacks a book on his hand and a pair of glasses.

  27. Extrange says:

    I’m still waiting for my game portrayal as a “freaking damn lucky euro bastard that can’t move without getting raped by the nearest girl”, according to Crusader and Owen, Lolikitsune :3

  28. lolikitsune says:

    @Extrange: You’re in Night Switch. Don’t bitch.

  29. Extrange says:

    @lolikitsine: if only I’ve remembered where I’ve appeared…

  30. lolikitsune says:

    @Extrange: you haven’t yet. But you will. It’s in my plans.

  31. Baka-Raptor says:

    That sketch of me is 100% accurate, except for the smile. You can always tell a pedophile by the smile.

  32. TheBigN says:

    This is great. The juxtaposition of CCY’s appearance to everyone else is brilliant in my opinion. 😛

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  34. Gargron says:

    Good work… I’d never imagine them like that. But on the other hand, I had never imagined them. Plainly read.

    I want to play the VN, so keep the work up, ppl. (Me saying it is actually senseless since $ is anyway involved)

  35. lolikitsune says:

    @Gargron: glad to know you’re interested. I’ll probably put out a release before the end of the month, though it won’t be the final version yet. As for $, I do NOT intend to sell this, I do NOT want to make money off this game. I might raise donations to pay Sixten though XD

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  37. Rocket says:

    Congrats on your paying gig! Er… wait…

    Dang, dude you are one cheap date!!! If only I’d known, I’d have you slaving away over cutie space vixens instead of scruffy dudes. Ah well…

    What is the going hourly rate for unemployed anime artists anyhow? If this is representative I may just have to swallow my ethics and exploit the heck out of you kids to get my little projects out!

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