First 75 hours

As of this time, I have logged 75 hours on the CCY-senpai wa 17sai project:

16 hours – First background
29 hours – Male character designs (excluding CCY)
30 hours – Faces of CCY (10 expressions in all)

I will be taking a break now until the end of August, for the following reasons:

1) I will be going on vacation, to see my family in Chicago.
2) I will be working on a very high-budget secret project (upwards of 30 hours, easily) featuring a famous loli who is also a genius.

The secret project will remain a secret until September, but I will give you two clues as to what it is about:

Clue #1:

Clue #2:

See you in September.

6 Responses to “First 75 hours”

  1. omo says:

    second clue is so ⑨.

  2. lolikitsune says:

    Thank you for those first 75, and I look forward to more at your convenience. Like I said in my e-mail, work at a pace that doesn’t cause you discomfort, and I’ll pay you for however much you do.

  3. That can’t possibly be a “C” since Cookie Monster ate it… I’ll take it as a “G” instead. Also, the upside-down 6 with a uni-brow doesn’t help. Hmmm, I wonder who this Genius could be? 😀

  4. Samu-kun says:

    As if the cookie monster and a nine-ball are gonna tell people anything…

  5. Well, if the 9-ball had cat-ears then we’d know it was Jasmine.

  6. Author says:

    Chiyo-chan has 9 letters. But honestly, I think it’s futile.

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