Taking it easy

Still on break. Will resume work on CCY on September 1.

“Secret Genius Loli Project” is proceeding on schedule.

5 Responses to “Taking it easy”

  1. okay… lets see *observes* I see a Pikachu OM-NOM-ing on that person’s head. Also an Xbox as the body. The six lost it’s eyebrow… so when could I expect this? =3

  2. Author says:

    So, sagematt was right, it is Cirno after all? I know nothing about TouHou, so the number 9 means nothing to me, but apparently…

  3. Samu-kun says:

    It’s definitely Ranka Lee being chased by a Tie Bomber.

  4. CCY says:

    I approve of Yukkuri Street. (and the inherent pun underneath)

    Have fun with the strongest project. :3

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