And then there were none

So Samukun and I have suspended the Sunrider: Love in Space project until I’m done with grad school. He has started an interim visual novel project that should only take a few months to make and less than an hour to play through. It’s a gothic murder mystery with an atmosphere similar to that of the When They Cry series, set in WWII France and starring a loli with a poofy hat.

“Crimson Fairytale”? More like “Scarlet Fairytale”, am I right?

Click for larger image.

Disclaimer: This post greatly exaggerates the Toho influence on Sam’s game. The character does not actually resemble Flandre this much.

Alas, it’s September 1 and my vacation is over. I have to put this Flan Cecile picture on hold for a while, while I return to CCY. Next up is the sprite of Jason Miao.

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