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8 comments on “Contact

  1. HI
    Just happened to see your blog
    Really like it, espacially the comic strip about MTGs
    Hope to see more of your work : )

  2. You took my name, dude. No worries though.
    Yes my name really is Sixten, believe it or not. Swedish name but still very unusual in Sweden.

    I like your site.

    Önskar dig lycka till! (what the heck, you can google it..)

  3. @Sixten Carle: I am aware that Sixten is a Swedish name – I picked it as my alias back in high school after the Scandinavian Children’s Mission brought in some films from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. One of the films was Sixten: Dancing Feet, directed by Catti Edfeldt.

  4. Dear Adrian Ferrer:
    It was a pleasure meeting you at Tokara recently. Your artwork is wonderful and my daughter is enjoying “Autumn Children.” It’s also giving her good practice with Japanese names. She needs it!
    All the best,
    Tatsuo Tomeoka
    Charaku Fine Japanese Tea
    WaSabiDou Antiques & Folk Crafts

  5. @Tatsuo: Good to hear back from you. I’m glad your daughter likes my book. While my books are suitable for all ages, most of my readers are between 20-40 years old. I would caution against letting your children roam my website freely though – there are a few inappropriate jokes about mature subjects.

  6. Happened to see your touhou doujin by chance.
    And I find I really FOND of it.
    I’m a touhou fan, too.
    And I’ve read so many other touhou doujins(mostly Japanese ones)
    but never find one draws this before which gives me a feeling called 癒し(curing)in complete different style.
    LOVE your work and may I translate your touhou doujin into Chinese?

  7. @Tinym: I’m glad you like my doujins. Sure, you can translate any of my books into Chinese. Just send me a link to the translated version when you’re done.

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