Sixten (true name: Adrian Ferrer; b. 10 March 1980) is an illustrator living in Seattle, Washington, USA. He was a background artist for the Game Boy Color game Magi-Nation, by Interactive Imagination. He currently works for the accounting software company Paperless Business Systems, doing nothing related to art. Now an amateur fan artist in his spare time, he has moved from one fandom to the next, first Magic the Gathering, then Toho Project, and now KanColle.

The blog’s subtitle is “cute makes right”, and there’s a whole lot that is right about the art of Sixten, who also blogs about anime and related stuffs when not creating pages of one of the most adorable manga I’ve seen online in awhile. Check it out for artwork that is both technically capable and positively adorable.
Heisei Democracy

If anyone would animate a Shana-tan panty flash but keep Yoshida covered with a medium length skirt during a twister scene, it would have to be either J.C.Staff or Sixten.
Jason Miao

Lotus Cobra is Evil: MTGColorPie presented fourteen episodes of this hard-to-describe comic created by House of Sixten from October 25, 2009 through January 31, 2010. It’s adorable!

Also, I saw your work, Miao Diary. I read it all the way to the last page. It’s so interesting! I was really impressed to see that people other than the Japanese were drawing Nekomimi. I think it takes a special sense to like Nekomimi, and it seems that the height of its popularity in Japan has already passed. However, I think Nekomimi is well recognized as one of the lovely ones. To see that it is also recognized in foreign countries is wonderful.

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  1. Nobu says:

    Hi Sixten! My friend Jana referred me to you and I am in love with your art. It really resonates with me well. Ah sorry I’m sure you’re not the only one involved in this endeavor, even though I’ve seen only a few pictures. !_! But that’s because I can tell you’re pretty ecstatic, and it always seems like the happiest people have all the friends. xP

    Uh.. I just wanted to say hi and wanted to know if you had a pixiv! Well, i’m having an odd amount of trouble finding the link at least (I think I have seen you on pixiv before but if I was sure I wouldn’t be asking!)


  2. Sixten says:

    Thank you. I may complain a lot, but I do think I’m a happy (and lucky) person. Anyway, my pixiv is here:


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