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Singing with Charisma (30 minutes)

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Spring break is here, and so I promised to start work on the prize pictures for those who helped me with my final project. Unfortunately, we’ve entered deadline chasing mode at work and so I have to come to the office this weekend.

My spring break is ruined, but at least the deadline had the decency to wait until the winter quarter was over. I promise to get back on this as soon as I can.


Thursday, March 10th, 2011

March 10 marks the fourth year of the founding of Heart’s Content, the original anime blog of House of Sixten. It is also my birthday: I turn 31 today. My first impression is that 31 seems a bit old, especially for someone who hasn’t started a family and has done nothing but fail at achieving his dream (of becoming a professional artist, naturally).

I’ve done nothing but go to school for Computer Science and work as a Systems Analyst in a company where my boss isn’t even as cute as Nareru! Systems Engineer‘s Ritsuka Muromi, for the 10 years since I lost my only art-related job in 2001.

In the four years since the starting of this blog, I have attempted to work on projects with Jason, Owen, Flak, Sam, and Muffin, and have attempted to win a contest at Star City Games. I have dropped out of each such project, no doubt impressing upon them exactly why I have done nothing but fail.

I can’t finish any project I start. My work isn’t good or fast enough. “I’m too busy” and “US Immigration sucks” are just excuses. If I was good enough to be a professional artist, I would have made a way by now.

But life is not for complaining. I may not have reached my dream, but at least I am closer.

Without the lessons learned from my failures, the successes I have had would not have been possible. Miao Diary is a direct result of the breakup of me and Jason, and Lotus Cobra is Evil is the spiritual successor to Owen’s failed Moe Moe Ravnica project. My speed and skill are improving. Four years ago Hinano and I were about even in skill, and now I have higher ratings than her on pixiv (although that may be because I draw Toho and she doesn’t.)

Most importantly, the dream is still alive.

I will only truly fail if I give up.

Here is my project from this quarter in school.

It is partially appropriate.

By the way, that’s not really a cake. Beneath the icing, it’s actually a cluster of cupcakes.

Fairy Wars Stage 1 Normal

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Who is happier: the Cirno fans when Fairy Wars was announced, or the Youmu fans when Ten Desires was announced?

Either way, it’s about time I started playing Fairy Wars seriously. I’ve held off on it because it lacked a practice mode (seriously? why is there no practice mode?) but of course the love of Cirno overcomes all technical difficulties. It’s like Sam who dies repeatedly to Reisen in Imperishable Night because he steadfastly plays only Youmu, instead of “selling out” (read: playing as Reimu, which allows you to take it easier) and getting that 1CC.

For reference, here is easy mode. I died a lot to that last spellcard until I found out a series of aggressive 40% freezes was the way to go.