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Fairy Ring (Take 2) – Pages 21-24

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

The problem with my tablet not recognizing the pen pressure has persisted despite advice from people as to how to fix it. Because the line stays uniform in width during each given brush stroke, it’s harder to draw the backgrounds because I have to manually taper the lines. My PC is starting to die; I’m making regular backups and preparing for the inevitable. Hopefully all the problems will go away once I have a new machine…

The first signs of trouble appear. As has been mentioned before, Fairy Ring is based on the African fairy tale, Why Frogs and Snakes Never Play Together. Obviously I’m not going to let it end in the same way; see here for a clue as to how the conflict will be resolved. There may be more yuri in my resolution though.

This is my 99th post with the Toho tag!


Fairy Ring is delayed

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

I know I was supposed to have Fairy Ring pages 21-24 today, but I’ve playing too much Magic. I managed to put 12 hours in on Fairy Ring, but that only finished 2 of the 4 pages.

This does put me on pace to have the new Fairy Ring by the end of next Saturday (the 25th).

Sorry for the delay.


Friday, June 10th, 2011

I didn’t know Sam was on the MTG Commander design team…

And in the same deck, too!

Girls are listening (4 hours)

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Larger image

These are supposed to be Yukari and Suika (or if you prefer, Sheoldred and Primeval Titan) with headphones. Without their headgear they are somewhat difficult to identify, but maybe the coloring will help things.

And I just realized while writing this, the next Toho post is the 99th Toho post, and therefore has to be the next four pages of Fairy Ring. I’ll get back on this illustration after that, I promise.

So if there are 100 Toho posts, and each of them represents 2.5 hours of work on average to create, and for every hour I spend creating a Toho post I also spend one hour consuming Toho fanart and games (a conservative estimate), that means I have spent 500 hours on Toho since I joined the dark side in July 2009.


I could be counting wrong, but that looks like 40 minutes every day for two years, while going to school and holding a full-time job. With the decline of my anime watching and blogging, 40 minutes a day isn’t too hard to come by. Compared to the time spent by people who play MMO games, it isn’t that much.

Putting Toho references in school projects, 1CCing three Toho games on normal, Toho cameos in Lotus Cobra is Evil, binge-reading Souin’s Youmu x Reisen fanbooks, whole days lost in Pixiv the way people get lost in Wikipedia, 15- to 20-hour color illustrations, going through the Walfas and Muffinland archives, 24 pages of my own Cirno x Suwako fanbook… it adds up.

It’s like a part of my life now.


Monday, June 6th, 2011

First, look at the image on this page:

Now look at this.

What is the chance that this is a coincidence?

The answer, of course, is 0% – I used the photo as reference for making the illustration.

Now look at the image on this page.

What is the chance that this is a coincidence?

Did we use the same image for reference and come up with the same use for Toho characters independently?

Did Hamster use my image for reference? If so, why pick my no-talent hack illustration instead of Kito’s or Yamasan’s?

Or are these pictures completely unconnected?


Saturday, June 4th, 2011

School’s out for the summer!

Historically, when the end of the quarter approaches and I stop blogging for a while because of the overwhelming homework, I hold some kind of trivia contest to see who gets a gift illustration during the break. But there wasn’t any last quarter because I still owe someone a picture from the quarter before.

Summer plans include:

Creating the gift illustration for Christopher (deadline: June 18)
Continuing Fairy Ring (first new installment: June 25)
Replacing the Cirno/Daiyousei banner (sometime in July)

And, of course, more Lotus Cobra whenever I feel like it.

It’s good to be on break!