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Ephemeral Unnatural Balance

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

For the past few months, I have been working on character illustrations for the Toho Project fangame Ephemeral Unnatural Balance, developed by ExPorygon.

See a demo of the game (that uses my illustrations!) here.

Like traditional Toho games, this fangame has a strange English title and a three-stage playable demo. Here are the character illustrations for the first three stages.

Playable Characters
Rin Satsuki
Kasen Ibaraki

Stage 1 Midboss: Mononobe-no-Futo
Stage 1 Boss: Soga-no-Tojiko
Stage 2 Midboss: Minoriko Aki
Stage 2 Boss: Shizuha Aki
Stage 3 Midboss: Aya Shameimaru
Stage 3 Boss: Momiji Inubashiri

In the story, the balance of power in Gensokyo has suddenly turned upside down. Servants have become masters, and the apocryphal Rin Satsuki has become the resolver of incidents. Who is behind all this? The answer will surprise you.