Cirno’s Spellcard

Over at Walfas (a center of Western Toho fandom) and across the anime-gaming world, fans are celebrating Cirno Day – September 9, 2009. Even among the dozens of cute Toho characters, Cirno stands out as being particularly cute. Her supernatural powers and intelligence are not quite at the level she claims to be at, but where cute makes right, she is by far the strongest.

Cirno’s Tokimeki Freeze Pack

Associated with the number 9, Cirno-based memes are everywhere on this side of the Internet. Loli-specialist artists such as Aki Kareha, Kito, Gayarou, Maki, and more, have all depicted her tooth-rotting cuteness. I certainly am not the first one to be dragged into Toho fandom by this star among videogame lolis.

While I would like to proclaim Cirno’s awesomeness for a full year with a high-budget doujin (co-starring Suwako), I can’t stray too far from my responsibilities to lolikit, and thus my tribute must be of a smaller scale. Toho shooting games are known for spellcards, named sequences in which the bosses fire out beautiful patterns of bullets for you to dodge. The spellcards have fancy names like “Ice Sign: Icicle Fall” (Cirno’s attack, supposedly laughably easy to dodge in easy mode) and “Hax Sign: Burn Everything”.


That’s an idea.

No official Magic cards exist of Cirno (because Wizards of the Coast is a bunch of idiots) but there are cards that can be used to approximate her concept. If we cross a Diamond Faerie with a Little Girl, we might get something fairly close.

I would spend another 30 hours whipping up a really good picture for this, but like the Flandre picture from earlier, I’ll hold off on that until I’ve done more work on CCY. For now, here’s a sketch.

(Click for larger image)

Cirno’s final card would be something like this:

It accomplishes being close enough to her source cards, reasonably powerful for a legendary creature, in character for her colors, and interesting in flavor. I’m proud of how I was able to work a “9” into her card text without making her either too expensive to be playable or too powerful to be fair. She also gains a substantial benefit whenever she is “the strongest”.

Of course, no Cirno Day celebration would be complete without playing a Toho game with Cirno in it.

Which I’m going to do right now.

4 Responses to “Cirno’s Spellcard”

  1. DaiaX says:

    Nice, this spellcard quickly change season to winter or at least freezing any frog nearby.

    Happy Cirno Day, TEH SETERONGEST DAY EVA!!!!1111!!!111one!!!

  2. lolikitsune says:

    That’s kinda ridiculous if you’re playing three colors, which isn’t hard to do (birds of paradise).

  3. Samukun says:

    Good thing your Touhou obsession is limited to just Cirno and her immediate friends, or else you’d be wanting to make an entire deck of Touhou Magic Cards.

  4. As of this comment it’s still 9/09/09 in the Greater Seattle Metropolitan Area.

    Sadly, however, it is not 9 PM.

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