I don’t think I’ve encountered this character at all in lolikit’s game, but I was introduced to the person he was based on, Daniel of Animanachronism, back when I was helping Owen with his Magic-based project.

Higher resolution PNG with transparency here.

Because of Owen’s grungy appearance and fierce temper, he doesn’t have many friends. His girlfriend Omo is one of the few, as is Daniel I. Knight. Like Owen, IKnight is an elite intellectual. Unlike Owen, IKnight actually looks the part. He is elegant and gentlemanly, and speaks as though he came from Britain, although in this alternate universe, it’s like they’re in outer space, where there’s no Britain.

5 Responses to “IKnight”

  1. IKnight says:

    Y’know, if I let my hair grow and wore a tie, this would be pretty accurate. I even replaced my old gold-plate glasses frames with black ones a few weeks ago.

  2. If I’m in the game, I wanna know now so I can get you some photos on which to base your art. There are some pictures of me on the net but they make me look even uglier than I really am, and I don’t want you using those!

  3. …*BLUSH*

    hmmm, you should give him a watch. =3 Gotta keep it legit, yo!

  4. CCY says:

    I feel like it’s missing the ‘badass’ factor. I don’t know why I picture IKnight with a ‘badass’ factor. What does ‘intellectually badass’ look like?

    I’m picturing darker (black?) hair. And I like Jesus’s idea of a watch. Maybe a pocketwatch.

    But this kind of blogger fantasizing gets awkward, and it’s lk’s call anyway. :3

  5. I kind of expected a Scopedog!

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