Background Complete: Corridor

Higher resolution here.

Next up is some random park with trees.

5 Responses to “Background Complete: Corridor”

  1. Samukun says:

    That’s some shiny floor you’ve got there.

    Not bad, not bad.

  2. Samukun says:

    (Wouldn’t the light disperse on the floor more for florescent lighting? Would the reflection on the floor even be visible with the light coming from the window?)

  3. lolikitsune says:

    I agree that that is one extremely reflective floor. It’s also a beautiful background. Great stuff, Sixten! Thanks as always.

  4. It seems that you drew in every locker and didn’t just copy/paste/resize them! Very nice! =D

    and are the reflections really something to nag about? If you want to complain about something, complain about those clouds through the windows! Seriously, just how high is this building? *BA DUM PSH*

    anndddd yea :3

  5. Hinano says:

    man as always your backgrounds are damn impressive.

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