150 hours complete!

So my contract with lolikit is up and I have provided the 150 hours we agreed on way back when. Here’s a breakdown:

  • 16 hours – First background
  • 29 hours – Male character designs (excluding CCY)
  • 30 hours – Faces of CCY (10 expressions in all)

(Halftime Break)

  • 30 hours – Rest of the characters (Fake Jason, Mike, Os, DarkMirage, IKnight, Erin, Patchouli)
  • 15 hours – Second background
  • 30 hours – Third background

I could’ve done two normal backgrounds in the time I spent on the third, but I figured it would be best to go all out and end this contract in dramatic fashion.

Larger image here
High resolution image here
High resolution image (without SuwaCirno) here

Yeah, the original bench wasn’t… eastern enough.

Update: After looking at this some more, I see that there are significant errors of scale in this picture. It probably started from Suwako and Cirno, and me treating the rest of the picture as though they were the size of grownup humans, which they obviously are not. The relative size of the red arch (torii) and the stairs is also off. I hate to say it, but my work isn’t done here. Photoshop will help with scaling. Simply shrinking the characters will go a long way. But I also need to make perspective corrections and increase the number of stairs.

Update 2: Fixed the scale. See the original here and see the perspective calculation here.

To lolikit: I sent you a Paypal request for the $300 we agreed upon. As for me, I have to get ready to go back to school in January. I may work more on your project in the future, but with school and all that, don’t expect much. I’ve learned that working on something “whenever I have the time” or “whenever I feel like it” eventually becomes “pretty much never”. I certainly wouldn’t think of charging you any more. Samukun and I suspended our project for a reason.

Anyway, while this hasn’t been fun all the time, it’s been a learning experience and I admit there were some good times. I only wish your game were more to my taste. Thank you for your business.

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  1. lolikitsune says:

    Hahaha, if I’d seen this post earlier, your message to me might have seemed a little bit less weird. 😀

    This final background is, indeed, quite beautiful. Stunning, even. And I think I might just the use the version with the Touhou characters in my game. Doesn’t hurt to have bystanders, especially if those bystanders are a reference!

    One thing I’ve been constantly impressed with, Sixten, has been the quality of the work you put out. Even though I said I’d be happy with whatever you can do in less time, even though I said this isn’t super-important, and even though the payment you requested is pitifully inadequate, you produced beautiful artwork for me. Thank you.

    As for your earlier concern that you can’t show people the work you do for CCY17, and your ensuing disappointment, just tell them you made this art for a friend’s game but he’s a lazy asshole and he never finished it. It’s three-quarters-true; I’m lazy and an asshole and the game hasn’t been finished yet.

    I think you’ve made some seriously quality art in your 150 hours, and I am both honored and grateful that this art is now mine to use in my game.

    As I said at the beginning, 2$/hour is a joke for this kind of work.

    Let us work together again some time in the less-busy future*, on two conditions: you like the project more, and you get more out of it.

    Thank you again, Sixten. Good luck with work and school, and don’t let the stress get to you. I cheer for the artist.

    *this may or may not ever happen



    oh… that’s very low, but the artwork came out really nice. If you are planing to show this off (for work/portfolio?), I would take lolikitty’s suggestion and just call it a fun-side project with a friend. Nothing wrong with calling it a hobby =3

    annnddd I must thank you for the artwork as well. I also learned a few things, espeicaly this one (the perspective thing… gosh, I suck at that). *huggles*

    As for me, I have to get ready to go back to school in January

    What’s your major, if you don’t mind me asking :3

  3. lolikitsune says:

    … lolikitty? Seriously? >__<

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