Joe Satriani is a Cirno fan

I mean, seriously, what else could the songs Cool #9 and Ice 9 be named after? Certainly not that world-ending weapon from the Kurt Vonnegut novel.

They are named after the strongest in Gensokyo.

One could argue that Satriani composed these songs in the 80s and 90s, way before Cirno made her debut in The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. But keep in mind that Satriani, like Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, and Paul Gilbert, is a space alien whose powers could very well include time travel. It’s not uncommon for musicians to journey far and wide in search of inspiration.

2 Responses to “Joe Satriani is a Cirno fan”

  1. Skribulous says:

    EX-Cirno’s spellcard will be ⑨ Sign 「Cat’s Cradle」. Suddenly, DANMAKU EVERYWHERE

  2. exobyte says:

    Maybe Zun is a Satriani fan…

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